Safety at Paintball Country is Priority One!

  • All players must have a signed "release of liability" form for each visit
  • 10 - 17 year olds need waiver signed by guardian
  • Field chrono limit is 280 fps
  • Field paint only
  • Masks on at all times unless told otherwise by refs

          -marked wristband first time, this is the first warning

          - marked wristband the second time the next warning you sit out a game

          - marked wristband the third time the third warning you will be asked to leave. (no refunds will be given for players asked to leave due to not following safety rules.)

  • If you think you are hit, call for paint check
  • If you call yourself out, you are out
  • When hit, put barrel bag on and walk off field
  • Dead men don't talk
  • If caught intentionally shooting dead men, you will sit out along w/teammate
  • If caught blind firing we will warn once then call you out the second time
  • Do not shoot within 20 feet, instead call point blank/dead man
  • No alcohol or illegal substances permitted